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Cannot say enough about how the Koelzer honeys have helped my health. Have had two serious bouts of pneumonia, with the resulting scars and trouble breathing. The honey and creamed honey is a staple in my diet because they help immensely! have tried other honeys and they do not have the same effect. Nutritious and delicious–and unbeatable combination!


I bought a small one at the Women’s Show in Wichita last weekend. I brought it to work to share with my co-workers (all men) who work outside and with this weather their hands are a mess. All of them asked me to order more! Thank you.
Jayre E.

I purchased one of your lotion bars at a craft fair last year and it is by far, hands down, the BEST lotion that I have found for my dry winter skin. Thank you so much!
Omaha Ne

A friend from work gave me a piece of your lotion bar to see if it would help the psoriasis on my hands because nothing seemed to help. After using your all day lotion bar I found myself being able to garden and many other things that I hadn’t been able to do in almost 3 years. No other lotion (even the ones prescribed by the doctor) work for me. But thankfully yours does. It keeps my skin nice and supple so my skin doesn’t crack. It smells good too. I’ve shown people how well your product works. I’m running very low on my supply so I’ll be calling (I don’t like to order on the computer) so I can place and order this week. I also like your foam soap and lip balm as well. Thank you soooo much for changing my life for the better. I am a customer for life.
Donna C.

Your Once-a-Day Lotion Bars are THE BEST product ever made for cracked dry feet! Just wonderful! I have suffered from dry cracking heels due to thyroid problems for years. I used the ped egg, scrapers, sanders, soakers and anything else under the sun; they helped but didn’t heal the cracks and the dryness, flaking, peeling and pain would come right back within days. But last week my sister got me one of your Once-a-Day lotion bars and today I can say my feet are soft and beautiful! I never ever thought they would be like this again! I cannot say enough good things a bout this product. I got the lip balm and it is pure heaven. I also have the bar soap in Honey Oatmeal and Shea. I have tons of allergies to all kinds of stuff and you products are so soothing to my skin and there is absolutely no irritation. I know you must use pure ingredients in your skin care products cause I would know otherwise. Thanks you, Thank you Thank You!
Jenny S.

I absolutely do not mind if you use our testimony on your web page. I would love for everyone to know how wonderful your product is.

Since birth my son Jacob has had severe eczema. Most of the time his legs and arms bleed. He has been on antibiotics for infections due to scratching. My other two kids have mild eczema. My husband has eczema that causes horrible cuts like paper cuts on his hands during winter. We have tried every product and medication on my son that you can imagine. My son has never known what it is like to NOT itch!! My sister-in-law went to a show in the Chicago land area and noticed your booth. She explained my son’s story to you and you generously gave her your product. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical considering there were so few ingredients and we had pretty much tried everything already with no luck. My husband and I decided to try it first so as not to subject our son to anymore unnecessary products that irritated his skin. My husband was amazed and believe me….he is extremely hard to impress. We decided to try it on Jacob and give it a week. All I have to say is…AMAZING!!!! After the second application my son who is now 8 was begging us to apply it several times a day. He said he LOVES it. His legs felt smooth and he didn’t itch. He was soooo happy. He has NEVER not itched. He didn’t even know what it felt like. Just a few weeks later he has normal 8 year old legs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I am telling everyone about your product. Absolutely wonderful!!!!
The Juda family.

In the past couple of days I have been using your Once-A-Day Lotion bar and really enjoying it (you can add relieving fire ant bites). I run a small produce market and plant nursery an would like to sell you products in my store. I’m located in Oklahoma. How can I get your products in my store?

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