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This is an all natural lotion bar made with the purest raw  beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil available. It is a long last moisturizer that will heal cracked hand, split cuticles, and callused feet. The lotion will treat Psoriasis, Eczema, and will stop the itch of mosquito’s bites, chigger bites, and poison ivy. If you apply the lotion before you go outside it will repel mosquitoes, black flies, and biting gnats with no chemicals. Soap and water will not wash this lotion down the drain. It will soak in, dry, and then stay with you all day.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 1 in

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  1. Gayle

    This is an amazing product. I have completely given up on regular lotions after using this!

  2. Patti (verified owner)

    This is the ONLY product that heals my eczema. I recommend it to anyone who has skin issues.

  3. Lourdes

    I am currently pregnant and suffering from sever dry skin. My co-worker had some of this lotion and told me to try it. What a big difference it made with just one use. I am going to get a bar myself this weekend.

  4. Kara (verified owner)

    My family loves this stuff so much that I was told by my 5 year old granddaughter that if she didn’t get any for Christmas, it would be the worst Christmas EVER!

  5. Mary ZIegler (verified owner)

    Thank you for your excellent customer service…I LOVE your lotion bar that I picked up at a craft fair in West Allis, WI.

    Can’t wait to see if you’re back in town next year, so I can stock up!

    I’m so glad you are so prompt and I will have them for Christmas gifts.. THANK YOU!

  6. Marilyn James-Kracke

    I bought your lotion bar in a tin at the Heritage Festival in Columbia Missouri. It is wonderful. I’m a professor teaching medical physiology and medical pharmacology but I emphasize nutrition and preventive medicine as a logical way to improve quality and decrease the cost of health care. I won the teaching with technology award (online computerized learning) but I also use old-fashioned chalk talks to map knowledge and improve learning. The chalk dust is quite caustic and hard on my hands. This is the first winter where I have not had problems with peeling skin on my fingers due to using your lotion bar. The fragrance is a form of aroma therapy which lasts most of the day while improving my skin. I’m curious about the testimonial indicating that psoriasis is improved by this lotion bar. Would medicinal waxes and essential minerals like zinc mix to form an even more healing skin product or is zinc already a component of the natural ingredients? I worry about health care professionals who are required to wash their hands so often, the skin is damaged. I’m thinking about sending your lotion bars as Christmas presents this year. Unfortunately, you don’t have an outlet in my town so I may buy online. I wish Clover Markets (health food store) in Columbia Missouri would carry your products. Are you looking for more outlets or do you have trouble supplying all of your current outlets? Your products could help many people. I’m tempted to try your bee pollen. In conclusion, I’m so glad I took a flyer on your lotion bar at the Heritage Festival. This purchasing experiment was one of my best this year. Thank you.

  7. Jacqueline Y (verified owner)

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    I picked up one of these lotion bars on a whim two years ago- and I am so glad that I did. I have eczema on my ankles and nothing else I have found works as well as this! On dry hands, rough patches of skin, even as a salve for chapped lips- you provide a wonderful product that I have shared with many, many friends and I assure you that I will be using your lotion bars for a long time to come.

  8. Elena Campbell (verified owner)

    I spend hours outside working on the farm. Tough on hands, feet, face. This protective lotion bar makes ALL the difference! It is a bonus that the gardenia smells so delightful.

  9. Fran Henry

    i purchased a tin of the bar lotion at the Manhattan Home Show this year. The best way i can describe my love of this bar is: last week i had hip surgery which has left me off my feet to rest for at least 2 weeks. you know when you realize you have to stay bedridden that long – you make a “nest” to keep yourself occupied and entertained. So i have my computer, the fly swatter (!), a fresh glass of water, and the TV remote and crossword puzzles. Last my not least, my bar of lotion. It is very soothing and therapeutic for me. Makes me feel like i am doing the best I can for my hands and feet while trying to recuperate. Thank you so much. Fran

  10. Jane (verified owner)

    Wow! This stuff is amazing. I found your lotion bar through Victorian Trading Company. I thought I loved the BLISS lotion bar but after trying this that other lotion bar just seems rather ordinary. I have been using the Koehler Bee Farm bar nightly on my hands since its arrival about 2 weeks ago (as an avid gardener they need it!) and there is a noticeable difference in skin softness as well as improving nail and cuticle quality. I also really like the fragrance. I am already buying more and will be giving these as gifts this coming holiday season – the goodness simply must be shared!

  11. Tiffany

    Absolutely love these lotion bars! They are a great addition to my daily routine and keep my skin soft, smooth, and soothed.

    I’m a Civil Engineering Tech and part of my job requires that I do testing on freshly mixed concrete. Concrete is notorious for drying out and cracking your skin leaving it raw and sore. So far nothing I’ve used comes close to these bars for re-moisturizing and soothing my hands. And since it doesn’t wash off in water, it makes a great barrier while working with concrete. I’d not only recommend these bars for your daily routine but also for any one working outdoors and in construction.

    I’ll do my best to spread the word!

  12. Traci Cleveland

    I have terrible eczema and contact dermatitis on my hands. They often look like raw meat from tiny blisters busting open. This is the only product that keeps it at bay and helps to heal up my hands! So happy I purchased the small bar back in October. It is now the beginning of May and I am just now needed another bar!

  13. Peggy

    I have extremely dry hands and cuticles due to Sjogren’s Syndrome and a friend gave this bee balm in a tin as a gift..It is WONDERFUL and now that I found it, I will keep ordering.it..

  14. Katherine Due

    I suffer from psoriasis. Bought this from the RV show 2 years ago in Lincoln, NE. I used it for awhile and it worked a bit, but forgot about it with all the busyness of life. This year have rediscovered it and it simply works! My prescription cream doesn’t even come close to working as well.

  15. Lora Cripe

    I bought a bar at the show in Tulsa, OK. last spring on Saturday. I took my tin back on Sunday to get another. I work with paper all day. Paper has a tendency to draw the natural oils off the skin. I am also on anti cancer medicine and it is doing terrible things to my nails and skin. I use this once in the morning and once before bed. This product has made a big difference. My nails are still bad (side effects) but my skin is no longer dry and cracked.

  16. ann

    These Lotion Bars are wonderful! I picked one up at a craft fair in St. Charles, MO in the fall. My son and I are “mosquito magnets” and are attacked by them the minute we step outside. For us, the bars did slow the attacks, and also helped dramatically decrease the itching. The bars also worked wonderfully to heal my dry skin too. We used our bar so often that I ran out before winter began. I’m so excited that I can now find your products in Wentzville, MO. Thank you for a wonderful, natural product!!

  17. Toni Lucero (verified owner)

    So happy to have found this product at a fair booth! Wow, healed my dry feet right up. But most of all my husband has replaced his prescription medication for psoriasis with this! It does the same exact thing for him without steroids or chemicals or supporting the pharma-conglomerate. Thanks!

  18. sandra mackey

    Gave this product to my daughter in New Mexico. She has naturally dry skin and living in N.M. is bad. She wants more and do not know where I purchased it..HHelp Please!

  19. sandra mackey

    Just pllain wonderful

  20. Tim (verified owner)

    I first purchased one of these at a Home Show in Omaha several years ago. Since then I’ve purchased online or at shows and love how they keep my hands from drying out, especially in the winter.

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